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Karen Mazer

Michele is amazing and a gift to anyone able to recognize it.

More than anything, Michele got me to change my view of myself. I went from “that’s not me, I just don’t like to run” to “I can run”. I went from “I’m fine the way I am” to “I’m very fit”. I went from “I don’t ride my bike” to “I’ll bike there”.  And she always made me feel good, even for being a beginner. (Okay, I admit, I couldn’t even do one sit up when I met Michele, and when she figured that out, she just put out her hand and helped me up until I could manage it on my own. No judgement.)

Now I’m motivated to exercise because I like knowing I’m fit. I like how I now automatically pause after thinking “I can’t” and I follow it with “why can’t I?”. Michele gave me that.

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